Goodbye Yellow Pages

Goodbye Yellow Pages, Hello Internet: More Victims Find Lawyers Online

The Internet is becoming an increasingly important part of American life. As more and more people use online resources, the way in which people find goods and services has shifted. This is especially true in the legal world. More people are searching for and finding lawyers online than ever before. The influence and power of the Internet is increasing, with nearly half of American adults reporting that online resources significantly influence major decisions.

Search Engines Connect Lawyer With Clients

When facing a legal situation, many people turn to the Internet to find answers and learn about their options. As search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing become more advanced and are better able to provide accurate, relevant information, people are increasingly relying on such services to find reputable lawyers.

Because most people search for a lawyer online, it is crucial for law firms to have a strong online presence to allow potential clients to find them. With the advances of pay-per-click advertisements, lawyers can now target a specific audience to generate higher quality cases and ensure their firm appears where potential clients are searching.

Online Presence Influences Purchasing Decisions

We know victims are looking online for lawyers, and some of them are turning to social media for information about legal services, but did you know some social networks actually influence purchasing behavior? Nearly 70 percent of Americans use at least one social networking site. Last year, a survey of Internet users revealed 47 percent said Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchasing behavior among social media sites. This number increased dramatically, from 24 percent, in 2011, and it looks like this trend is likely to continue.

How To Make The Internet Work For You

You already know your potential clients are searching for lawyers online. But how do you ensure they will find, and ultimately, hire you? Have a digital marketing plan that tackles all areas of opportunity online. Advertise on mobile, desktop and tablet platforms. Use pay-per-click advertising to target a specific audience, utilize SEO to appear in organic searches, and don’t forget to build your reputation and relationships through social media.

Many lawyers have embraced the world of online legal marketing and see the success that can come from effectively utilizing the Internet. In order to keep your firm ahead of the competition and continue to attract clients, a smart digital marketing plan is key!