Goodbye Yellow Pages

Goodbye Yellow Pages, Hello Internet: More Victims Find Lawyers Online

The Internet is becoming an increasingly important part of American life. As more and more people use online resources, the way in which people find goods and services has shifted. This is especially true in the legal world. More people are searching for and finding lawyers online than ever before. The influence and power of the Internet is increasing, with nearly half of American adults reporting that online resources significantly influence major decisions.

Search Engines Connect Lawyer With Clients

When facing a legal situation, many people turn to the Internet to find answers and learn about their options. As search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing become more advanced and are better able to provide accurate, relevant information, people are increasingly relying on such services to find reputable lawyers.

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Social Media and Legal World

Social Media and The Legal World: How Much is Too Much Sharing?

Lawyers are constantly hearing about the importance of having a strong online presence to enhance brand awareness, build reputation and connect with potential clients. But what about other members of the court? Are judges, jury members, plaintiffs, defendants and court officers encouraged – or even allowed – to use social media and other online resources during a trial?

Since there are not many existing laws regarding social media use during legal proceedings, many cases of questionable use are receiving national attention.

In early 2013, a Florida judge’s ethics were called into question when it was discovered he was Facebook friends with the parents of a victim of an alleged crime that he saw trial over. A committee on judicial ethics later ruled there was nothing “inherently inappropriate” about judges using social networks, but also cautioned that legal professionals should be cautious of who they connect with online.

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