Thanksgiving Infographic


Infographic 4: Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous days to drive of the year. The increased number of cars on the road, impaired driving, and poor weather conditions lead to high numbers of injuries and fatalities.

Goodbye Yellow Pages

Goodbye Yellow Pages, Hello Internet: More Victims Find Lawyers Online

The Internet is becoming an increasingly important part of American life. As more and more people use online resources, the way in which people find goods and services has shifted. This is especially true in the legal world. More people are searching for and finding lawyers online than ever before. The influence and power of the Internet is increasing, with nearly half of American adults reporting that online resources significantly influence major decisions.

Search Engines Connect Lawyer With Clients

When facing a legal situation, many people turn to the Internet to find answers and learn about their options. As search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing become more advanced and are better able to provide accurate, relevant information, people are increasingly relying on such services to find reputable lawyers.

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Fireworks infographic

infographic 3: Fireworks Safety

Summer holiday celebrations for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day often include fireworks displays. When handled improperly, fireworks can be extremely dangerous and cause serious injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help people injured by fireworks get the compensation they deserve.